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  • Car Racing Game

    Car Racing Game Project

    It’s been a little while as I have had quite a bit on my plate recently but I have finally

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  • Feedly Cloud Api

    Subscription List with the Feedly API

    A lot of websites out there used to have a “blog roll” which is a list of blogs the writer

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  • Brick Destroy Game

    Brick Destroy Game Project

    After my last post about the tennis game project I completed I have continued with the tutorial series from Udemy

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  • Tennis Game

    Tennis Game Project

    This week I have made an effort to return to some of my programming roots by completing an online course

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  • Extracting Documents From MOSAIQ

    Extracting Documents From MOSAIQ

    Recently we had a need to extract a large amount of documents from MOSAIQ and at first this job went

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  • Choose Yourself Review

    Choose Yourself Book Review

    It’s been a few weeks since my last review but I’ve finally finished another book for 2016! And so here

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  • Why is university so hard?

    Why is university so hard?

    University can be difficult, very difficult at times but why? Why is university so hard? This actually comes from my

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  • Can’t start CouchControl Service – MOSAIQ

    Yesterday while at my 9-5 job we saw an error which read: “Can’t start CouchControl Service.” This error was appearing

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  • Antifragile Book Cover

    A Bimodal Approach to Risks in Life

    I’m currently working my way through reading the book Antifragile and thought I’d share some of the insights I’ve gained

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  • impac.ini Options

    Impac.ini Options

    This page is intended to be a reference for options which can be used in the impac.ini file in the

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