I love the internet and use it to consume information from a variety of sources. I am especially fond of reading blogs. The simple laid back content they often provide, the down to earth real people behind them and the interesting sometimes niche topics they discuss all lend themselves to a wonderful melting pot of information and learning goodness!


I like to keep my blogs organised using Feedly. Feedly is an RSS aggregator which will give you a handy place to go to read all your favourite blogs. They also have iOS and Android apps which mean you can read the latest posts anywhere, anytime on any device. It will mark articles as read and remove them from your home screen but also maintain an archive so you can easily view previous posts. I feel it is hands down the easiest and best way to read blogs.

Here is a list of some of my favourite blogs which I read regularly. This list is updated with a PHP script I have created which leverages the Feedly API. I’ll make a post shortly explaining how I did it. Enjoy!