The $100 Startup Book Review

The $100 Startup

The book I read this week is called The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau from The Art of Non-Conformity.

Overall I found the book to be a fairly easy read with lots of interesting material. The book is obviously aimed at those looking to start a small/micro business and it covers a wide array of topics concerning how to go about doing this. The book uses a lot of real world examples of people who have successfully started their own micro businesses in order to teach these points. Having these examples is very helpful as you can easily see how the principles relate to businesses and then how they may relate to your own plans.

Speaking of your own plans the book pretty much assumes that you already have some. It briefly touches on how to validate ideas to ensure they are viable but not much beyond that. Most of the book deals with how to monetise your ideas and get them working for you.

Having said that I wouldn’t go into the book expecting too much direct tactical instructions. Most of the information is more high level and strategic in nature. This is to be expected given that the landscape of business is always changing and so providing directly applicable instructions in a static format such as a book is very difficult.

It’s also important to realise that a lot if not most of the examples in this book are for offline businesses. While when talking about micro businesses your mind might automatically go to thoughts of blogs and affiliate marketing this book helps to show that it is possible to make a micro business selling real world products. For me personally this wasn’t especially applicable as I plan to create my business online but it still provided some interesting insights.

In summary I did enjoy this book and would recommend it as a quick and easy read for anyone thinking of turning a hobby or passion into a one person business.

The $100 Startup is also available in audio book format at Audible. If you haven’t signed up for Audible before you can use these links to get your first book free! Enjoy!

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