Can’t start CouchControl Service – MOSAIQ

Yesterday while at my 9-5 job we saw an error which read: “Can’t start CouchControl Service.”


Can’t start CouchControl Service

This error was appearing for multiple users when opening MOSAIQ via a terminal session. It didn’t prevent MOSAIQ from opening but was still a little disconcerting all the same.


After a quick phone call to Elekta support we found that this is a fairly common issue with terminal server installations and effects other applications, not just MOSAIQ.

The issue relates to the Windows operating system, in this case 2012 R2, not releasing disconnected sessions properly and holding some of the resources open. Hence the rest of the error message about the HTTP address already being in use.


There seems to be 2 possible solutions:

  • Restart the server to free up the resources
  • Run a small tool which is included with a standard MOSAIQ installation called MSBEnable.exe

There are a number of discussions online about the benefits/costs of restarting Windows servers and if this is still required with today’s modern operating systems. One area over which there isn’t any real argument though is that terminal servers should be restarted regularly. See the discussions here and here.

The second option of running the MSBEnable.exe tool is also acceptable. This tool is contained in the root of the MOSAIQ_APP folder. Also note that Elekta recommends running this tool out of hours to ensure there is no interruption to the service.

Hope this helps people with similar issues. Let me know in the comments if you have seen this error on your systems and how you have resolved it.

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