Car Racing Game Project

It’s been a little while as I have had quite a bit on my plate recently but I have finally managed to set aside some time to continue the Udemy game making course I was working on. In this latest installment I have completed a car racing game project!

Note again that this game doesn’t work on mobile or tablet currently as it uses the keyboard for control 🙂

Car Racing Game

Click here to play!

This game was much more complex than the previous brick destroy game and tennis game we made through the course and included some slightly more advanced concepts like classes (though these were only discussed very briefly).

This game is also a 2 player game and so I’ll list the controls here:

Red Car          Yellow Car

Forward:          Up arrow            W

Reverse:          Down arrow       S

Left:                  Left arrow         A

Right:               Right arrow       D

It’s fairly obvious that this game is quite unpolished and the artwork is fairly poor. What can I say? I’m a programmer not an artist! 🙂

I did enjoy making this game though and even though some of the artwork was tedious for me the overall experience has been fun. I’d recommend checking out the Udemy course How to Program Games: Tile Classics in JS for HTML5 Canvas. Its a fun course for learning the basics of JavaScript and HTML.

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