Subscription List with the Feedly API

A lot of websites out there used to have a “blog roll” which is a list of blogs the writer likes and/or reads regularly. I wanted to create something similar based on my blog reading but I wanted it to be updated on it’s own without my needing to go in and update it manually whenever I found something new. So what was the solution?

I decided to my subscription list with the Feedly API and display that as my blog roll!

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Tennis Game Project

This week I have made an effort to return to some of my programming roots by completing an online course and building the associated project. In this case it was a simple tennis game project.

Note that this game doesn’t work on mobile or tablet currently as it uses the mouse for control 🙂

Tennis Game

Click here to play!

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SEO Writing Sample 2 – What to Look For in Commuting Headphones

What to Look For in Commuting Headphones

Headphones Line Up

Almost every worker out there has some form of commute. Whether it’s a simple drive across the city, a train ride from the suburbs or even a drive between cities the average commuter will spend more than 4 hours a week commuting with some spending much longer! Most people will want to drown out the cares of the outside world by using headphones for music, podcasts or audiobooks. But with the huge array of different types of headphones available how are we to choose the right ones? Well here are some general tips to guide your decision.

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SEO Writing Sample 1 – Keeping Up To Date With the IT Industry

3 Ways to Keep Up To Date With the IT Industry

Up to date with Tech

It’s a universally accepted truth amongst those working somewhere in the IT industry that technology stands still for no man. The relentless pace of technology advances is simply mind blowing! Think about where we were even as little as 2 years ago and you can see just how much has changed.

And I’ve got some news for you – it’s only getting faster!

So how are we to keep up with the ever increasing body of knowledge we need to do our jobs? Well here are 3 ways:

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