Choose Yourself Book Review

It’s been a few weeks since my last review but I’ve finally finished another book for 2016! And so here is my Choose Yourself book review.

Choose Yourself Book ReviewChoose Yourself by James Altucher is a book for the modern age of employment. With the unpredictable economic climate employees are no longer able to rely on employers for their financial security. Rather this book argues that employees (you and I) need to choose ourselves and take responsibility for our freedom.

Choose Yourself has been recommended on many blogs and podcasts by many influential people in the entrepreneur community. With the book coming so highly recommended it was certainly time I read it and so it becomes my 6th book for the year. (I’m slightly behind my goal of 1 book per week but I still think I’m doing ok.)

The book is fairly short and written in an easy casual manner. It is an easy and enjoyable read. I found the advice inside to be interesting and practical and while not totally ground breaking it has lots of useful reminders for us all.

One of the points from the book which really resonated with me was the idea of Changing Up instead of Giving Up.

Don’t give up, Change Up!

When we face an obstacle it is easy for us to want to give up. What if instead we changed up! If we looked at the actions we had been taking and changed our approach. We’d be able to incrementally improve our approach and this can’t help but bring us closer towards our goals.

I found this concept to be a really powerful idea and one I’ll remember for a long time to come.

Overall I really enjoyed this book as a relaxing yet instructive read. I’d recommend it to anyone interested in taking control of their life and living on their own terms. I hope you’ve enjoyed my Choose Yourself book review.

Choose Yourself is also available in audio book format at Audible. If you haven’t signed up for Audible before you can use these links to get your first book free! Enjoy!

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