Upcoming Phone Screen and New Series

Hi All!

A bit of news

I recently applied for a summer internship at Google Australia for software engineers and I have been asked for a phone screening! Very excited!

Now I know what your all saying:

“Don’t get your hopes up. A phone screen is just the first step. You’re still a long way from that internship.”

And you’d be right. But that doesn’t matter! I’m one step closer than I’ve ever been before. I know that there’s still another 2 technical phone interviews after the initial screening. I know that they’re not going to be easy. I know that I may not get the position. But I’m still happy to have gotten this far.

My phone screening is scheduled for tomorrow so I’ll be sure to let you all know how it goes, what it was like and where we go from here. And because I want to develop my technical interview skills further

I’ve been reading a new book

I spoke with a friend who has done a couple of internships with Google Australia and has recently accepted a job as a software engineer at the Sydney office. She suggested I read up on my basic algorithms. In addition she recommended a book specifically designed to assist developers to perform well in coding interviews. The book was Cracking the Coding Interview.

The book begins with a few chapters outlining the interview process used by the larger software development companies such as Microsoft and Google and then goes on to list the areas which may be considered during an interview, some practice questions and at the end a proposed solution to the practice.

What I am proposing

I am proposing to work through some of these areas and practice questions and post the details of my solutions here. The idea is that this will assist me in studying for upcoming coding interviews and reinforce basic programming principles in my own mind. It will also help you to better understand the types of questions which may be asked as well as see some proposed solutions.

Most of the solutions will be written in C++ as that is the language I am most familiar with. I will also explain a little bit about the solution and the process I went through to arrive there.

So tell me

What do you think of this idea? Is it something you think might be of benefit to you or someone you know?

Have you had an interview with Google or another large software developer? What did the process involve? What advice would you give to others?

Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments.

Look out for the first post regarding Arrays and Strings!

Until next time.

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